For unlocking the potential of demand policies and increasing the use of the Innovation procurement instrument by the Public Administrations to improve their services in the field of active aging and the promotion of personal autonomy, PROCURA will create a Community of Regions sustainable and open, will develop a training and specialized knowledge transfer program, open to the agents involved in Innovation procurement and will implement a transnational procedure in Public procurement of innovation.

Theses phases are success keys for the project.


Creating a community


Promoting transnational collaboration to increase the participation in procurement actions, searching for the commintment between administrations, companies, innovation ecosystems and the citizens, to support opportunities of Innovation procurement in the SUDOE area.

Formalisation of the Alliance

Regional and transnational diagnosis of social and heath PPI

Setting the methodology of co-creating and participative design

Design strategic plan and the sustainability of the community

Establishment of the internet platform Silvergate : single access point

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Fostering Training


Increasing the skills of the agents involved in the Innovation procurement process through traininng and transfer knowledge opportunities, including public autorities, knowledge and innovation centers, SMEs and citizens

Training and knowledge transfer plan 

Training and transfer activities

Creation of a Multimedia tool-kit for training and transfer

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Developing a pilot


Increasing competitiveness of regions and companies through the launch of a transnational public procurement of innovation in social and health field with the aim of proving that it is possible to develop innovative solutions to answer users needs by increasing the participation and the skills of interested agents. The results will be integrated in region partners policies.

Conception of important pilot element

Regional and transnational technical dialogue planning smart procurement

Public procurement procedure

Execution and supervising of the contract

Result and integration of Procura experience in the regional-policy