What is the purpose of the ShareProCare community ?

The purpose of the community of regions PROCURA also known as ShareProCare is to create a sustainable, open community, to group the demand and promote the Public Purchase of Innovation. The aim is to transform the relationships between the public purchasers and the companies, increasing the accessibility and proactivity of the Public Purchase actions.


Moreover, it pretends to include in the process principles of responsible innovation and equality of opportunities and no discrimination. Additionally, it will coordinate the purchase of innovation actions and group the demand.


Finally, it will be its mission too associate the regional actors, aware the of the needs of a population that grows old dependent, to the innovation ecosystems, capable to offer advance innovation to those needs and finally, the experts in PPI. The community will seek the support for its sustainability beyond the Project completion through its members, investors, politicians, promoters of initiatives and project proposals.


A digital platform as a single access point