EU webinar on public procurement of artificial intelligence

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

On Friday, 25th June at 11 AM the European Commission’s DG Grow will host a webinar on Public Procurement of Artificial Intelligence, named "Public Procurement of AI: building trust for citizens and business;"

As a tool for innovation, public procurement can also be used to foster an innovative growth of artifical intelligence, as well as to direct the sector towards the ethical and humans considerations of AI that the EU advocates for.

This webinar will focus on :

- How to create contract clauses or the procuremet of Artificial Intelligence.

- Experts sharing the latest developments and first practical experiences.

- How to build trust in to the procurement of AI and join the discussion.

The session will be hosted by Katharine Knapton-Vierlich and Ivo Locatelli, head of Unit and senior expert of DG Grow, while it will be moderated by Ms. Kofod Olsen, partner at cave of Consulting P/S-Copenhagen and co-founder of It will count as speakers with Jeroen Naves and Linda van de Fliert, IT lawyer at Pels Rijcken and Project manager of Public Tech City of Amsteram.

Register to the webinar here!

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