Free assistance on innovation procurement for public procurers

On June, 25th, the EAFIP (European Assistance for Innovation Procurement) opened its second call to provide free local assistance to selected public procurers in the preparation and implementation of a PCP or PPI procurement.

New calls to apply for free assistance will be published on their website every three months. The deadline to apply to this call’s edition is September 25th.

The exact assistance is determined on a case-by-case basis, but it may cover from a total 5 person-days expert assistance on:

  • Scoping an identified procurement need that can be tackled with innovative solutions

  • Preparing and conducting an EU wide published open market consultation

  • Drafting tendering documents

  • Launching an EU wide published call for tender

  • Answering questions from potential tenderers at any time during the process

  • Signature of contracts with selected vendor(s), taking into account the relevant provisions under European and national legislation governing public procurement.

Any public procurer from a EU member state are eligible to apply, and the selection of the assisted public procurer is based on multiple factors such as the potential impact of the PPI/PCP, its geographical balance, the previous experience of the procurer and the concrete interest and commitment of the procrer on the projec,; as well as the project maturity. Projects where the preparation and/or management of an innovation procurement is already funded are not eligible.

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