Green book : Public procurement of innovation in social and health care

PROCURA is designed to promote Public Procurement of Innovation policies to implement an integrated social and health care model within the scope of active aging and independent living.

The basic goal of this Green Paper is to initiate a debate on how Public Procurement of Innovation can be used by Public Administrations to provide the entire population with efficient, innovative public services.

This document outlines the work undertaken by all the project partners. It highlights the methodology used for this innovative public procurement pilot.

In this green paper, we invite you to discover the PROCURA regional community and the different tools deployed for its animation such as the ShareProCare platform. We offer you a feedback and an overview of good practices. Finally, we propose you to discover one of the most innovative aspects of this pilot: the process of co-creation of innovation.

This best practice document is intended to be widely disseminated, particularly to public authorities, in order to promote and facilitate the use of innovative public procurement tools.

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