Interview to CARTIF on PROCURA, cocreation and PPI.

Coinciding with the French user tests in EHPAD Lanmary in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, in the PROCURA project we had the pleasure to hold a small talk on PROCURA, cocreation and public purchase of innovation with Pablo Viñas and Pablo Muñoz, engineers at CARTIF, a technology center in Valladolid with more than 200 workers that develops applied research and technology to improve the solutions and technology needed by businesses. Within PROCURA, they are in charge with Asprodes of the development of ANDIN and INOTEC, the smart walker and assistant for the use of a WC.

They assured us that, overall, working on their development has been a pleasurable activity that they recommend for other companies, to be able to do projects with greater symbiosis and mutual growth.

During the interview, they also describe the different challenges they came across when they developed the two products; namely, the understanding of the different specialized working groups to be able to correctly detect and analyze the needs, and their journey of a new, unknown field.

In turn, CARTIF team explains that the public purchase of innovation and the participatory methodology of PROCURA have been key to detect said need and work together in the working groups and cocreate both ANDIN and INOTEC with the end users, to be able to maximize the created value.

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