Interview to Raquel Losada (INTRAS Foundation) on cocreation

In the framework of the PROCURA project, we interviewed Raquel Losada, head of Research, Technological Developments and Innovation at INTRAS Foundation, a not-for-profit entity with more than 250 workers that since 1994 helps people with mental health problems in the recovery of their life projects.

Within PROCURA, Intras Foundation participates as coordinator of the cocreation activities and the end user testing, activities that allow end users have a say in the innovation process and improve the technologies according to their views and expectations, which at the end results in an increase of end user satisfaction and a decrease in the risks related to a lack of adoption.

This process, explains Ms. Losada, is done in two different phases: the codesign of the prototype, and its coproduction. This two phases are made by living labs, the entities that promote the collaboration through participatory methodologies between stakeholders and end users.

For the PROCURA project, 3 interactions were planned with the collaboration of 24 adults in each country (Spain, Portugal and Nouvelle Aquitaine in France) and 12 professionals in total. Thanks to their collaboration, the project will achieve a better final functioning prototype that will fully respond to the end users’ demand.

According to Ms. Losada, it is expected that the project will provide results and more data on how to create value out of the live experience of people across all the innovation cycle, an approach that is fostered by the European Commission. These findings will be published in « the green book for public procurement of innovation in the social health field » that will be soon published by the PROCURA consortium, and that aims to help other institutions, projects, researchers… interested in the topic and in the innovative and participatory approaches.

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