RITMOCORE, PPI for arrhythmias monitoring

With the effect of the aging population, each year more and more arrythmia patients are in need of a pacemaker, which imply feeling the burden of periodic visits to the hospitals where the patient evolution and the pacemaker functioning are checked, albeit only 15 % of the visits need some action and thus have added value. Meanwhile, newer, more innovative pacemakers designed to remotely monitor heart activity and other bioparameters are not being used in main hospitals due to budgetary constraints, thus limiting the quality of life of pacemaker users.

Through our learning journey in Barcelona in January, 2019, we had the opportunity to discover about RITMOCORE, a Horizon2020 funded programme since November, 2016 that aims to provide comprehensive care to patients with arrhythmias using or in need of an implantable pacemaker through a public procurement of innovation driven by Sant Pau hospital, Mutua de Terrasa Hospital, Bellvitge University Hospital in Spain and the Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital in the United Kingdom, with the coordination of AQuAS, the Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Evaluation.

RITMOCORE uses a public procurement of innovation as the tool to shift from a conventional model of purchases to a risk sharing model able to align the interests of all stakeholders, namely pacemaker providers, patients, hospitals, primary care and doctors. The new model implies not only a new relationship with manufacturers from a purchase of devices to a value-based service where hospitals have to manufacturers’ complete catalogue -even high performance pacemakers, thanks to related savings in care delivery-, but also the full re-organization of the patient carepath.

As part of this new carepath, hospitals are implementing a new holistic system that includes remote monitoring of the pacemaker, reducing unnecessary visits to the hospitals and thus freeing up much needed resources in the hospitals while improving the standard of care.

Furthermore, the change in carepath intends to increase the coordination of care between the hospitals and the primary care by enhancing the interoperability of health information systems and reducing information sylos and to empower the patients through support networks, coaching and educational content.

To know more about the project, you can visit their website at http://www.ritmocore-ppi.eu/

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