Training Journey in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

In the context of its training activity plan, PROCURA project organizes training events every semester. From the 5th till the 7th of November, the partner Autonom'Lab has hosted the delegation of PROCURA partners for three intense and informative days of training through the innovation ecosystem of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Co-creation seminar, Partners and Guests

During 3 days, the delegation program has experienced an intense and immersive program of training and knowledge transfer. Those days aim to break down the barriers facing PPI.

The first day of the trip, Tuesday 5th, and Wednesday morning were dedicated to the learning journey. This training activity dedicated to PROCURA partners and their ecosystem includes training workshops and study visits of relevant sites or structures in the partners' ecosystem.

The first part of the learning journey occurred in Ester Technopole and was focused on innovation and public procurement. The two visits planned were two testimonies of how companies are launching innovative product or services, how PPI was relevant to integrate the market.

The trip was launched at Sanilea's offices. After a warm welcome from Murielle Bouin, director of Autonom'Lab, David Chiron, President of Sanilea and Coraline Humbert, international Projects Coordinator for the company, have introduced Sanilea activity and its innovative software to automate hospital transport management. This time of exchange was a great opportunity to discover the health transport system of the SUDOE area and how Sanilea has allowed, with its innovative software, to free precious time for nurses and improve patient care.

After having lunch in a local brewery, the group went to I-Ceram Office. I-Ceram designs, manufactures and markets high-tech implants for various joints of the human body. Doctor Evelyne Poli gave an impressive presentation of the company's success (2 world premiere), after what the partners went for a tour of the company backstages.

The second part of the day was focused on the question of the patient's integrated care pathway. The delegation went to the CHU of Limoges to discover the project launched by the hospital to manage better the loss of autonomy of the Elderly at home. Doctor Noëlle Cardinaud went through a complete presentation of the mobile unit to support seniors wishing to stay at home for as long as possible. The second workshop was focused on project Ecocat. The Ph.D. student, Abdul Sawadogo introduced to the delegation the importance to set a multidisciplinary team to strengthen the use of technical aids. Finally, the partners had the opportunity to talk with Professor Achille Tchalla, Head of Geriatric department at the CHU of Limoges about the geriatric care in France.

The trip to Limoges ended with a cultural visit of the old city and its catacombs and a networking dinner in a cloister. On this occasion, the partner Autonom'Lab offered to the whole delegation and its guests, a mug in Limoges porcelain hand-painted in the colors of the PROCURA project.

The second day, took place in the beautiful city of Bordeaux. The Wednesday morning the delegation went to La Ressourcerie to assist the last part of the learning journey and more precisely "Why the wellness of caregivers is important to improve elderly care?". After a very inspiring presentation of this third place to support informal caregivers or anyone who wishes to get away from every day's concern, the partners were able to discover the AIDI project. Introduced by Raphaël Rogay, Ph.D. student in Autonom'Lab, AIDI is a support and prevention digital tool to help informal caregivers to evaluate their wellness and find professionals and resources.

On Thursday, the last day of this training trip, the delegation went to the Darwin ecosystem. This place is very representative of a citizen approach and therefore particularly appropriate for hosting the co-creation seminar which was held during the morning. This creative and participatory time had for objective to identify needs and find the solution about the PROCURA community platform. Through various co-design activities, the partners and their guests had to opportunity to confront their knowledge and expectations.

Myriam Martin, Coordinator of In-demand, TIC Biomed

Finally, the training trip ended with a case study dedicated to new ways of buying innovation. On this occasion, the delegation has welcomed, Myriam Martin, the coordinator of In-demand project. The purpose of this European project is to connect unmet needs with market solutions. This meeting was an opportunity to remind the importance of collaboration between the European Project. The Case study thematic was also deepened thanks to the intervention of RESAH, a public central purchasing body, that leverages the purchasing power of hospitals and nursing homes in France. Emmanuel Avarello, the regional representative of Resah in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, has presented to the delegation the importance of the central purchasing body and their role in the innovation ecosystem. The Case Study is one of PROCURA training tools to share relevant experiences in PPI for discussion and possible scalability to other environments. The aim is to study very specific and practical aspects related to PPI.

Besides the training trip, this new project meeting was also the opportunity to organize the bi-annual steering committee of PROCURA, an essential time to draw-up assessments and plan the future actions of the project.

This journey was again a great opportunity for the partners to meet and work together.

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