Trainings at the PROCURA project

During the more than 3 years of the project PROCURA, we had the opportunity to organize different training events to better conduct the project and fulfil one of our specific goals: to provide opportunities for training and the transfer of knowledge to public authorities, innovation and knowledge generation centres and companies (mainly SMEs).

The training and transfer of knowledge lead to the definition of the appropriate channels to break down the barriers faced by PPI, which arise from ignorance and resistance to change, thereby broadening the understanding of the interested parties and enhancing their ability to perform within their field in a successful manner.

To help in this task, AQuAS has developed a Training and Transfer of Knowledge Plan in which all the project´s partners participated. This plan establishes PROCURA training activities based on the needs identified by all the partners through a preliminary Regional and Transnational Diagnosis of Public Health.

The training activities were designed in three different formats, the goals of which are:

• The promotion of creative capacities for innovation and co-creation.

• Knowledge of the capacities of regional value chains.

• Highly specialised training in PPI.

Based on the aforementioned analysis of needs, the training activities encompassed the following areas of action:

• Raising the awareness of policy makers

• Tools for those entrusted with managing public procurement

• Addressing competitive dialogue in a successful manner

• The successful preparation of PPI

The methodology used in the sessions highlighted the commitment of the people who can make use of or benefit from the tools presented in each activity. The sessions were based on practical and real cases the topics of which are adapted to the local innovation ecosystem.

The training activities carried out in PROCURA are detailed below:

* Co-creative inter-regional seminars - “PROCURA IN THE COMMUNITY”:

Interregional seminars are geared to the partners of the project, expert PPI participants and the community. The main goals of these seminars is to create spaces for citizen participation, focusing on topics such as the co-creation of innovation, the patient experience, person-centered care, their empowerment, and the promotion of critical thinking and creativity.

* PROCURA Learning Itineraries:

The goal of these itineraries is to gain a better understanding of the situation of the players involved in the local innovation ecosystem, through the presentation of specific cases and experiences in healthcare environments. These training activities include workshops and study visits to important places in the partners’ innovation ecosystems.

* Case Studies:

The goal of case studies is enable professionals close to the project´s partners and innovation companies/agents to share relevant experiences in the field of PPI in order to establish a debate and a possible transfer to other environments.

* Expert forum:

The experts that have participated in the different aforementioned activities have kept in touch through various means (e-mail, videoconferences, etc.) to advise partners and participants, answer their questions, etc.

If you want to have a better glance of of our events, we have made some videos with our experience!

- PROCURA 1st learning journey organised by the CHUC

- PROCURA 2nd learning journey and case study organised by AQuAS

- PROCURA 3rd learning journey organised by INTRAS

- PROCURA co-creation seminar and case study organised by CHUC and IPN

- PROCURA 4th learning journey organised by Autonom'Lab

Many conferences and presentations used during the events are also available in ShareProCare’s resource section, the digital sharing platform on innovation and public procurement of innovation:

Lastly, for more information about the training and knowledge action of PROCURA contact:

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